We’re here to make the most out of your bathroom needs. Whether you choose to work in a classic, luxury, contemporary, or traditional style, we can help you design the bathroom of your dreams. We’ll help you pick out fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, paint, tile, window treatments, and everything else that makes a bathroom more than just a bathroom, and we’ll install it all with expert skill at an affordable price. We can replace everything or just give the space a makeover. It’s up to you. Call (917)-681-6185 today to learn more and get your free estimate. Check out our gallery for more pictures!

Some Reasons to Remodel your Bathroom:

Making an Investment – The bathroom is one of the highest rooms you will see your money back on when selling. The bathroom is important to any buyer and they are willing to pay for a newly remodeled bathroom. You get to enjoy a new bathroom, while also knowing you are making a smart decision to invest in your home.

When Fixing a Problem –If your bathroom has recently suffered a plumbing problem, broken tile, loose cabinets, or anything else that needs fixing, now is the perfect time to start a bathroom remodeling project. Since some work will already need to be done, you can look at it as the first step in the demolition process.

Outdated – Your bathroom is where most people start their day and end their night. This space should be a place that is soothing and relaxing, not one that causes stress and anxiety. If you dread the fact of how outdated your bathroom looks, our bathroom remodeling team can help create a space you will love.

More Space/Storage – Because bathrooms are such small rooms, every little bit of storage matters. With many new cabinet designs and storage solutions, you can increase the storage and usable space in your bathroom with a bathroom remodeling project.