Having your walls properly finished before applying a new coat of paint  can be the difference between a quality coating and a shabby, second rate job. We handle New construction, Renovations, & Repairs.
Everyone’s home or office at some point will need repairs done to them. From water damage to drywall that needs to be replaced, it will be like the hole was never there.
When looking for the right Contractor, you will want the right results:
Drywall Hanging and sheet count: A sheet count is necessary prior to the start of any project. If avoided, this can be a major waste of money and materials if you are not careful. We get it almost exact with very few sheets left over and hardly any waste. Tight cut outs of all doors, windows, lights, & electrical boxes is very important as well as screw pattern.
Taping and Finishing: First you want any gaps pre filled. Next paper taping all of the butt joints. Then the flats, followed by the inside corners. Next you will hang the bead and apply the first coat. Followed by 2 more coats depending on the level of finish. Then primed and painted. A walk through is performed with the customer. These are the steps you will want your Contractor to take. Don’t take a chance on any other company.